IMG_20180918_065316546The candles, Christmas tree lights and lit garland are all turned on with a remote control key fob that I put between my palm and glove. When I squeeze the bowl of my long-stemmed pipe against the button, it appears that I’m using the stem as a magic wand. 

An Arduino based “Tomte” that carries the candy canes and performs pre-scripted moves for Santa’s entry.  Tomte is activated and can be toggled between a pre-scripted set of moves and remote control modes from my cell phone.  His head looks up and down and tilts from sided to side to indicate what he’s looking at or an attitude.


Santa can make things disappear from his hands and when he rubs his fingers together over the bowl of his pipe, smoke seems to rise up.

Clear glitter, stained with invisible UV ink:  When it falls through a UV laser light, shaped into a line, it looks like fairy lights above Santa when he does something magical.