bootsNgloveOne of the things that makes a visit from Santa memorable are all the details that legitimize his back story.  These include things like Sami “Skaller” boots from the reindeer herders of Lapland and heavy mittens to keep him warm on his midnight flight.

(“He was dressed all in fur from his head to his foot…”)

The magic watch with which he slows down time and his magic key to create “doors” into any home with a Christmas wish in it.


And then there are the more traditional answers to questions that arise:

  • Who is your favorite reindeer? (I don’t have a favorite, who’s yours?)
  • Can I see your Sled? (You must give an Angel a butterfly kiss. When she giggles, you will see it)
  • Where did you get your magic.  (Santa is the oldest and wisest of all magical elves. But there are other answers for the more religiously inclined.)
  • How did you know what I got for Christmas last year? (I talk to parents before seeing their child to know background and family preferences).