Christmas wishes

Santa's coming 1

Her face at the window next to her sister. “I heard sleigh bells!” She exclaimed with a whisper.

Like two exclamation points ready to burst, that they’d been the one to see Santa Claus first.

They both thought that bedtime had come way too early. And they were still haunted by that Dickens story.

“A long winter’s nap” ?! What was the hurry? But that “naughty” list was the predominant worry.

So after Aunts and Uncles had kissed their bowed heads, upstairs they trundled but only briefly in beds.

And soon fell asleep still at the window. Head-to-head, magically floating on gifts each had taken from bed.

One gift was hope. The other one wonder. In the spirit of Christmas, each gave what they had to the other.

Give hope and wonder to your next Christmas event. Seeing Santa is often the longest lasting present.